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X Pattern Lacing Instructions 

Center Lacing 

We recommends lacing your trampoline in the “Double Grommet X Pattern”.  The “X-pattern” allows the trampoline to transfer loads between each panel more evenly than the traditional method.  It also helps fill the gap between the panels, keeping your main sheet from falling through. 

The attached photo shows the X-pattern. Starting at the front, follow the numbered grommets as shown.  Keep in mind that from locations 3 to 4 and 7 to 8, the lacing goes under the trampoline and is not visible when viewed from above.  Duplicate this lacing pattern until you get to the bottom.  The rear lacing will still be done in the traditional “Zigzag” pattern.  If you prefer, the whole trampoline can still be laced in this manner.




A precut, 100 ft. length of ¼” braided polypropylene rope works great for lacing, and is only around $12 at a home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowes.  It does the job as well as the OEM lacing kits, and is much less expensive.  Although you will end up trimming down a little, it is easiest to start with a 40’ length for the center and a 20’ length for each of the rear panels.


Tightening the Trampoline


The trampoline should only be tightened to “hand-tightened” tension.  This means that you should only put the level of tension to what your hands can physically pull to.  Do not use any type of tool or ratchet straps to tighten the trampoline.  This will not only ruin your trampoline, but can bend the frame, or crack the fiberglass supports to your corner castings and stanchions and cause leaking into the hulls. 


Hiking Straps


Our trampolines include adjustable/ removable hiking straps.  Many people using trapeze wires prefer not to use hiking straps, in order to keep a clear deck. 


If you are using the straps, they are easy to attach.  There are 6 white ropes included with your trampoline.  Each end of the white rope goes through the grommet locations and is tightened with a simple square knot.  The shorter ropes are for the center grommets, which keep the straps from sliding around.  This design allows you tighten, loosen, or remove the straps at your discretion.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.  

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